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A Reset in EU-UK Relations:
If Not Now, When?
A Personal View from Brussels
Brexit, Read more
Migration Policy Brexit, Read more An Ambitious Form of UK/EU Cooperation on Foreign, Security and Defence Policy – Why and How Security, Read more Trade and investment policy:
Options for UK policy in 2024
Prosperity, Read more
The Case for an Ambitious UK/EU Security Cooperation Pact Security, Read more Enlargement of the European Union How the EU works, Read more The UK and Horizon Europe:
Better Late… But Time and Opportunities Wasted
Brexit, Prosperity, Read more
UK-EU Regulatory Cooperation in Financial Services Brexit, How the EU works, Read more After the Frost, the Thaw? The Future UK-EU Relationship Brexit, Read more UK trade policy in an age of change and fragmentation Prosperity, Read more The Future of Retained EU Law Brexit, Read more Security, Enlargement and Structure: the EU’s debate about its future How the EU works, Security, Read more Improving the UK-EU Relationship Brexit, Read more The UK and the EU: Two years after Brexit and one year into the Trade & Co-operation Agreement Brexit, Read more Britain’s Foreign & Security Policy after Brexit: the European Dimension Brexit, Security, Read more Crime, justice & security co-operation with the EU after Brexit Brexit, Security, Read more The Battle of St. Helier Brexit, Read more British, EU and world trade policy in flux:
The agenda for 2021
Prosperity, Read more
The UK-EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement 2020 Brexit, Read more A simple mechanism would bridge the gap between the UK and the EU Brexit, Read more The best laid plans do sometimes go awry Brexit, Read more Switzerland and the European Union Brexit, Read more Brexit: Extending the transition period: Arguments for and against Brexit, Read more