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Dear Friends, readers and supporters,

Since the 2016 referendum we have been determined to keep what is now the European &
International Analysts Group in being.

We have changed the name to reflect the new circumstances, broadened our remit to
include more general issues of UK trade and security policy and been joined by new
members who bring a broader range of expertise.

But despite generous support from some of you over the years, we have been unable to
raise sufficient funds to continue to employ our long-serving director, Nick Kent whose
meticulous research and skilful drafting have contributed so much to our output for so many
years. Without Nick we are unlikely to be able to continue to publish longer and more
detailed papers such as the recent paper on UK trade policy. But we are determined to
remain in being.

With your continued donations, we will keep publishing papers but they will be different in
style and length. Members of the group will be writing briefer papers which we will
continue to circulate and to publish on our website. We will also aim to continue our
participation in the work of City, University of London.

I hope you will feel that the European & International Analysts Group has much to
contribute to the debate about the future relationship between the UK and the EU. We
thus hope to continue our mission to inform and enlighten that debate over the years to

Yours sincerely,

David Hannay